Caltex and Puma Energy Fuel

Save 4 cents per litre on fuel
  • Unleaded (91 and E10)
  • Premium Unleaded (95 and 98)
  • Diesel
  • LPG

RACQ members save 4 cents per litre on fuel at participating Caltex and Puma Energy service stations Australia-wide. The discount is limited to 120 litres per member, per day.

How To Redeem
Terms And Conditions

To redeem your fuel discount:

  1. Have your physical membership card handy, download your digital membership card here or login above to access.

  2. Present your RACQ membership card when you go to pay for your fuel.

Can I still use my RACQ membership card at Puma Energy to get a discount

Absolutely, throughout the rebranding you can still use your RACQ membership card at Puma Energy service stations and receive a fuel discount.

How will I know which service station takes my RACQ membership card?

Look for the RACQ branding out the front of the service station or visit to find your nearest participating station.

RACQ member 4 cents off fuel discount terms and conditions

  • RACQ members will receive 4 cents per litre off the pump price of fuel, diesel and LPG, maximum 120 litres per transaction.
  • Only available for RACQ members at participating Chevron-owned Caltex and Puma Energy (excluding selected Puma Energy sites and unmanned sites).
  • To qualify, a valid RACQ membership card or digital RACQ membership card must be presented at time of purchase.
  • Offer not valid in conjunction with a shopper docket or any other fuel discount unless specified including Pumacard, Motorpass, Motorcharge or any other fuel card.
  • RACQ business members are not eligible to receive fuel discount.

Things to note

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